Fig. 101 - 101/AC - 101/AA


MOD. 111 - 111/AA - 111/AC - 111/TV

These valves are designed to protect the reservoirs against excessive positive or negative (vacuum) pressures due to the loading or unloading operations and to the temperature variations, when the vapours are to be collected in exhaust lines. As the reservoir pressure exceeds the valve's relief or vacuum setting, the pallets arise allowing the venting or the vacuum relieving of the reservoir.

  • Valves Mod. 111/AA

    These valves are used when the setting values exceed 800 mbar.

  • Valves Mod. 111/AC

    These valves are used on blanketed tanks. Through the valve an inert gas can be fed into the reservoir when its pressure value is below the blanketing pressure.

  • Valves Mod. 111/TV

    Tightness by elastomeric O-Rings (NBR, FPM/FKM, FFKM) to minimize the leakages.


  • Replaceable seats

  • Antifreezing pallets

    The drips around the pallet avoids condensate collecting around the seat.

  • Pallet guides located above the seat

    This arrangement assures a no-jamming guide of the pallet not affected by contaminant fluids as a dose coupling between pallet and guides is not necessary.

  • Bird screen avoids the entering of foreign elements.

  • Setting

    any setting available, charging the pallet's dead weight load, between ± 20 mbar and ± 400 mbar (On request higher sets)


  • Body

    Cast Aluminium
    WCB, CF8 (304),CF8M (316).

  • Seats and pallets

    AISI 304, AISI 316

  • Bird screen and guides

    18/8 Stainless Steel

  • Diaphragms

    FEP, P.T.F.E., NBR, FPM/FKM, etc.


  • ANSI 150,
    drilled to UNI PN 10 on request.

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